What does segment filter "Sent any mail (date)" mean?

I’m looking for an option to exclude contacts who have been part of any mailing in the past 60 days (aka since 2022-11-01).

When setting up the segment filter I see under the Contact Behavior and Actions section in the droplist the option for Sent any mail (date).

What does this filter mean exactly? I can’t find a detailed description in the documentation pages, or I’m totally overlooking it.

And is there perhaps a better/smarter way to get this filter setup?

When I set and Sent any mail (date) less than 2022-11-00 00:00 it’s probably not going to give me the result I’m after… for that I think I would need it to be like and not Sent any mail (date) greater than or equal 2022-11-00 00:00.

Any suggestion / help is more than welcome.

you can try greater than -60 days

So this would mean anyone who was sent an email in the past 60 days.

Thanks @mikew, will give that one a try.

UPDATE: hmm… I don’t see that option in the droplist of my Mautic 4.4.4 environment :frowning:
Is that located in the Contact Behavior and Actions section of the droplist in your Mautic environment?