Create a cold subscriber segment


I’d like to create a cold subscriber segment. I’d like to implement a rule similar to convertkit:

We define cold subscribers as any subscriber who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days. For subscribers who have been active for fewer than 90 days, we define cold subscribers as anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in 30 days.

For simplicity, I’d like to add everyone who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days to a segment called “Cold Subscriber”.

My problem is, that I don’t know how to filter accordingly.

  • There is a contact field called “Email Read Date”, but I don’t find any information about it in the docs (there are some of the segment filter contact fields which aren’t mentioned in the docs…).
  • I didn’t find a contact field, which might act as a »Email clicked date«. Is there one? As I’d like to rely more on click rate than opening rate, this field is of importance.

No one?

I’d like to rely on the email clicked date, simply because of apple mail privacy changes.

You can filter for ‘email clicked date is less then 90 days’ and ‘email is not empty’

I don’t have that filter for in the segment editor. What am I missing.

Sorry, I was answering too fast, without reading it properly.
You should look for last active date is less then -90 days.
Otherwise you would have to build very complicated segments.
Date active will include web visits email opens and clicks. This is what you want, right?

More or less. Will date active get updated whenever an identified contact visits a page, even if the contact comes to the page via, e.g., google instead of clicking a link in an email?

Correct, and that is the beauty of Mautic :slight_smile:
It happens IF there is a cookie that links the person to the contact in Mautic.
In case someone visits from multiple devices, the tracking will happen on ALL devices (and you’ll see the list of devices tracked).

True, but it is a hindrance in this case. Reason:

Let’s say a contact subscribes to my email. They almost always get a cookie, because they come to the DOI page. By default the cookie lifetime is 365 days.
Therefore, the date last active get updated every time the contact visits my webpage. But I don’t know when the last time, they really interacted with my emails, was.
(It could be that they just subscribed for the freebie, never read my mails, but visit my page form time to time)

So, date last active isn’t a good filter for creating a cold subscriber segment.

As a marketer I consider anyone who is active and checking my page not cold. :slight_smile:
Otherwise you can make a campaign and add score if they open, remove score if they don’t.
Then make a segment based on points.