What is queued in an email statistic? Unable to check contacts or send email to 15 Queued

hey, great video.
actually I haven’t set up any queue, just set the default frequency rule to 1 per day, so all the contacts who already got an email that day showed queued ( which I can’t check using search, have to check 1 single email to get what happened ) but ai have no queue and they are jot getting sent

The part you looking for is:

  1. you make a segment email
  2. you send out the emails (not scheduled broadcast)
  3. people qualify for the segment again, so they stay as ‘queued’.
    altough they are not queued…
    if you would send now again, only these 15 new people would get the email

I do not have a queue enabled.

this query is giving no results found whereas

here I am able to see 15 Queued contacts, but can’t know who are these 15 as the query is not running.

So, I tried to find such a contact manually who did not receive this email and I got those 15 contacts. Now, all of them have this as an event

Now, I don’t know what this means or why is it queued but I am guessing it is because I had a frequency rule set.
But, since I don’t have a queue. I don’t know how to send emails to these 15 contacts as it did not get send on the rescheduled date as mentioned in the image.

And when I try to send them like usual segment email, I am getting no Pending Contacts

2 problems.

  1. query for filter in search not working
  2. what is queue. I have never setup any queue, then why did the message get queued?

Hey, frequency sounds like a probable cause. What is your setting for this particular contact?

really sorry I missed this.

the default frequency is set for the whole server

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I have the same problems

  1. query for filter in search not working
  2. what is queue. I have never setup any queue, then why did the message get queued?

It’s queued because you allow 0 emails / day / person. (See frequency settings in your email settings.)
In M4 this setting got activated, causing some errors if you haven’t set this properly before.
Set it to higher then 0 / day.

Read this for understanding how to send it out once queued:

Hi Joey,

I currently have also a problem with kind of weird behaviour with sending a segment email in a mautic 4 which has no email queue (mean: email send type is immediatly).

While I searching for solutions I found this topic:

Is it true that in mautic 4 a send limit of 0 per day makes problems?

Because I have this value on 0, but I was able to send emails to contacts.

Best regards,


Probably a locked table

Can you tell me how to check and solve this?

What happens if you set the frequency to 100 and do the mautic:messages:queue command?

I’m kind of nervous to do this.

I think I will send a lot of “old” emails in this case.

Is there a way to delete these queued/postponed emails?

And: I currently have no cronjob for mautic:messages:queue, just for mautic:broadcast:send and mautic:emails:send.

In which interval should the mautic:messages:queue cronjob run?

If you run that cron, you will send out the emails based on their new schedule. Can u wait until monday? I make the video asap.

Sure. Thanks a lot!

Hi Joey,

I take a look on the database and found the messages in the table message_queue. There are a lot of emails with status “rescheduled”.

When I cancel a resheduled email from the contact details/event-history the status change to “cancelled”.

Could it be a solution to update these queue-entries to cancelled via query?

UPDATE message_queue SET status = "cancelled" WHERE message_id IN (66, 67)

Or should I delete the entries from the table?

I don’t like to do such queries direct on the database but I see no other way.

Thanks for some help with this!

Hi, here is the video I promised.

A mysql script belongs to this tutorial, where I give you different solutions.

The script can be different based on what you want to do, but I urge you to watch the video to make sure you are using the right script and not double sending and not loosing emails.


Hi Joey,

thanks a lot for this video. We are trying to solve this in our database.

But when we run a query like

UPDATE message_queue SET status = "cancelled"

and run the command php bin/console mautic:messages:send after this the cancelled messages in message_queue change from cancelled to rescheduled and try to send these messages.

I my case I want to cancel the messages in message_queue and don’t want to reset them.

What kind of query do I need for this?

Or even delete the entries from message_queue?

Also I tried to set the attemps in the table like this:

UPDATE message_queue SET status = "cancelled", attemps = 3

In this case the mails are not rescheduled, but they are also not deleted from message_queue-table.

I’m not sure what the best solution for our case is.

Yeah, delete them. It’s safe. Just need to resend them afterwards!

My contacts have no frequency set under their preferences and yet still sometimes get queued emails.
How is that possible?

There is always a frequency set. Is it maybe 0?