What the difference between primary company and company name?

I am scratching my head on this one.

What’s the difference between primary company and company name?

Primary company of a contact = company name of a company. Its the link between the two.

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Thanks …

I am still reviewing the database on both contact to see why the duplicate contact still happened like few minute apart from each other

Are you creating contacts via wordpress page visits by passing the email value in the tracking code?

Also: do you have multiple unique identifiers? (Email+something?)

Only one unique identifiers which is the email (default installation)

The contacts was imported into Mautic from Sendy (our former email marketing software) using CVS.

New contact are added in by online form which is injected into our main website using Mautic javascript (Automatic). Anyone can sign up for our newsletter using this form but the duplicate was imported in because he is a staff member here at the organization so he was already receiving it on Sendy and we just imported him over from it.

Reason I saw this duplicate is because he wanted to update his email address so I typed in his email address and result was duplicate account and I am not even sure which one to update.

Log on both accounts shows that last newsletter was sent to him but he only received one copy … Both log also shows he have opened the email too. On both logs …

Just very strange …

I am trying to figure it out to take preventative measure that it doesn’t happen again and if I can’t figure it out in few more days then I will probably just caulk it up as a fluke and just delete both then recreate his account again.