Where do CSV file contact imports get stored?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5.6

Your problem
My problem is: Client wants to see actual contact .csv files that get uploaded. It’s for reporting and cross-checking of contacts with a financial institution. Seems redundant to me since they generate the .csv files, send to me and I import. But they want to check to make sure the imported file matches the original. So where do the imported .csv files get stored after importing? I’ve looked and searched on server but cannot find them.
Chris Blair

in Mautic’s database

Actually after upload the csv files are stored in:


Mine’s empty … I have uploaded a quite a few csv file.

Does it get emptied after a certain of time or one of the cronjob task empties it?

  1. could be
  2. could be :slight_smile:

Yeah same here, empty, and I upload several csv files every day. So last upload was yesterday about 7pm CST. I watched the folder during today’s upload and they get purged immediately after being imported. The file appears, then disappears as soon as the import is finished.

I think it’s silly the client wants to see the file after it’s been uploaded. But hey, just trying to keep them happy :).


If they wanted to see the “result” of the upload, they can always export the file back to CSV and view the result.

It won’t be “exactly” the same but it will contain the same data as the CSV that was imported into Mautic depending on which data was selected to be imported into.

Yeah…as clients tend to do, they want a method that requires no work on their part ;).

Upload the CSV as an asset as well, and share it with them.