Problem with import contact

Tu software Mi versión mautic Mautic v4.2.0

Hello community!

I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve.

I made a CSV file to import contacts.
The file has 2 columns EMAIL and First Name

The problem is that when uploading it to mautic (in UTF-8 encoded csv) it doesn’t give me the correct option to map, I see only 1 field and not the 2 fields.

I attach screenshots of csv and mautic to see if someone can help me solve this problem.


Sorry :

I did a test and “it was fixed” I put delimiter;

and uploaded, the only thing that when uploading it (I only uploaded 1) gives a message of:
uploaded 1
merged 0
ignored 1?

But what is he ignorant of?
I only uploaded a test contact…
I think you can refer to the header, someone happened to this too?


It could be that there is empty line before actual end of file or that no updates were made to a contact (in case the values already exists)