Where is the cache folder on my Bitnami Google Cloud instance?

Your software
My Mautic version is:3.1.1
My PHP version is:7.3

Your problem
I can’t find any cache folder in my install, mautic docs say this:


But my install doesn’t have that directory…

Bitnami says this:


But my install doesn’t have that directory…

I do have this however:


but that won’t work with either commands, so how do I delete it? Is that what I need to delete?

Top image is my command prompt, 2 images under are Mautic and Bitnami instructions

Please make this change and let us know the results.

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the reason I want to clear the cache is because I started a campaign, it’s running now, I made a mistake and went and fixed the email template, but there are no changes…

Will clearing the cache append the changes in real time? Or will it toast the whole campaign?

I’d rather not clear the cache now, would rather wait till sending is done, but I don’t know how to make changes to email template in mid sending, I paused it, and then unpaused , but the changes are not being recorded on the sent emails…

To my knowledge clearing cache will not update email content in campaigns.

Try this.
-Pause everything.
-Unpublish the email it is sending. If you use the “send immediately” option in your email settings its likely the old email is sitting in your spool and being processed as fast as your email provider or smtp can process. If you use the queue function the email is likely in your var/spool folder waiting to be sent in chunks that you specified.

-Clone original email. Verify and make whatever changes so they are correct. Save the email.
-Edit campaign step by choosing the new correct email in the appropriate campaign slot. To avoid duplicates you should check and see if your marked the email as transactional or marketing.
-delete whatever is in your mautic/var/spool folder
run mautic:campaigns:update
Make sure everything is published and ready to go. then mautic:campaigns:trigger

That should send the new email.

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that worked, thanks!

for others out there, this is how I did it:

  1. Navigate to directory apps/mautic/spool
  2. Delete all messages with this command:

sudo rm -f ./*.message

Now you also say this:

run mautic:campaigns:update

My crons are set up with standard intervals, do I need to delete them all and use * * * * * ?

or is there a command to run mautic:campaigns:update in one shot?

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