Which cron job synchronises the tags in Mautic

Hi everyone!

Of the 11 cron tasks recommended for Mautic, which one is responsible for synchronising the tags that are managed by WP Mautic or another WordPress action tracking plugin?

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None of the crons.

I tested couple of WP synchs, none of them made me happy. Some of them are soo buggy, with horrible support, that I gave up using them for our clients.
If you are ready to a bit of money ($20/month) you should look into N8N, a no code tool, that let you build your own synchronisation.

Here is an example what you can do:

However you are going down the rabbit hole. Make sure you really think true before you decide to synch everything and stuck with accomplishing nothing.


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Thank you for your response @joeyk :slight_smile:

I am familiar with n8n in fact I have been experimenting with it for a little over a month now.

Until now I was using WP Mautic, but it’s a basic plugin with few possibilities.

Then I have tried WP Fusion (paid) but I find that it doesn’t sync as well as I expected and makes a lot of bugs or forgetfulness.

I have to give n8n a try and see what I am able to do.

How good is the synchronisation with n8n? :thinking:

Thank you very much for your wonderful time. :hugs:

I share you opinion about other plugins :slight_smile:
N8N is pretty good, you can do a bunch of cool things.
Take a look at Wootic as well, it’s really good.
Also Mautic Abandoned cart reminders.

I ended up writing custom mysql to make the right questions in WP and pushed into N8N, saved me lots of time and experimentation.

Personal rage:
I also use N8N for synching between Pipedrive, Mautic, Woocommerce, Demio and many other tools. All works okay. If they N8N people weren’t a bunch of “windblowers”, I would be an evangelist of them too, not just Mautic. But the fact, that they screwed their community by lying about open source, then 2 years later they are changing the licence in 2022 March in a way, that you can’t host it for a client, but the client has to host it for themselves and you can do consulting. This really shot us in the back. It was the momment I understood: N8N and me - we are ready to see other people. I’m looking at you Tracardi and Make.com.

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Thank you very much for your honest answer @joeyk :raised_hands:

I have signed up with Tracardi to see if I can test it and draw conclusions.

I regularly use WP Fusion’s “abandoned cartaddon, but I find it a bit basic and it doesn’t always track well, in fact I’ve done tests where WooCommerce does have customers with abandoned carts and Mautic doesn’t know because Fusion doesn’t sync it correctly.

I like N8N, apart from the “license” and “community” issue and I think it can be a viable option.

I don’t want to cloud this thread with other topics.

Thank you very much and best regards! :hugs:

Sorry for being a bit off topic here but I was just looking into n8n before I saw your post about “$20” a month … I thought n8n is open source like Mautic?

It was never open source. You can host it for yourself but you cant resell hosting it like Mautic. You cannot even host for your clients, its against the licence. They have to host it and you can consult. The licence was changed in March.

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I work for an organization and we have our own host. We are fine to use it or is it counted as a client even I work for them?

Is the organisation paying for hosting directly? If yes, you are fine. If you are paying for hosting and billing them or including it in your services and they pay you, than its not okay.

They are paying all the bills plus hosting cost. I just work for them as an employee.

Then you are fine :wink: it counts as self hosting