Why does local.php get deleted every time I do a composer update?

Is it normal for local.php to be deleted every time I do a composer update?

just do full backup before every update - you should do the backup anyway.

And to answer question directly… no, I think this is something that should be resolved I would open a ticket if it does not exist already.

I have open ticket like months ago lol but thanks anyway …

Curious … Do you do composer update or still using php zip? If composer update, does your local.php get deleted after each use?

I have backups between each update

The ticket … June 27th …

Most of the time, I clone repo. and install the matic using bin/console so I do not use composer based installation all the time.

So I cannot really give you any more info on disapering local.php file.

Maybe core team will accept it, if you create a PR & tests for the issue :slight_smile:

Don’t know how to do that so please do explain it to me how and I will go do it.

Short answer: It is ‘normal’ because we have our config in our /app folder which should not be the case, but that is how things were done when Mautic was created. We can’t change that until Mautic 5 as it will break backwards compatibility.

We are planning to properly decouple things like configuration, user-uploaded resources etc from the core, so that anything you change or tweak is not impacted by composer updates. So yes, for now, please back up before updating!