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Why hasn't Mautic implemented control logic in the editors?


I’m just being curios: Why is it that Mautic doesn’t ship with simple flow controll structures like IF/ELSE and WHILE/FOR?

I know that there’s a paid plugin that adds Twig. I’m just wondering why that isn’t built-in?


There are conditions in the campaign editor. The twig plugin has no effect in the campaign workflow editor.
What are you trying to achieve?

I wasn’t clear in my posting. I meant:

Why is it that Mautic doesn’t ship with simple flow control structures like IF / ELSE and WHILE / FOR in the email builder?

That’s why I mentioned the paid twig plugin, because it adds the functionality, but I wonder why something like that hasn’t already been implemented as core functionality.

What would be the While case in the email builder?

Mautic 2, 3 had dynamic content in emails, where you could filter for different attributes to show content. With M4 this feature is not ready, but there are people pushing it forward, so I hope it will come. Until then there is the super flexible, mega cheap, less user friendly Twig plugin :slight_smile: