Is this possible with the campaign builder?

I’ve gone through the docs and explored the builder, but I’m not clear if this is possible - and would love to know before digging in too far :slight_smile:

I have a dynamic campaign I want to set up in Mautic where both the content and the number of emails sent are determined by what’s in our database.

The workflow I imagined was

  1. retrieve data from our postgres db (via send a webhook?)
  2. If a particular value matches what’s in a contact’s custom field, fire off an email using the content received from the db
  3. Wait a day and repeat the process until that second step returns false.

I know I can do this via n8n working directly with postmark, but I’d love to use Mautic’s analytics and subscriber history.

Any insight would be very much appreciated!


A thought, if you are using n8n, use the n8n flow to catch the webhook and do the value matching, then use a mautic node to apply a tag that acts as the trigger for a campaign to send the email. Remove the tag at the end of the campaign so its ready to be re used the next time the value match is true.

If Mautic is sending the email then you will get the history.