Merging dynamic data into automatically triggered emails

I am a relatively new user but would like to if this follow is possible and if so, how is it done? Apologies in advance if this is too vague…

Mautic is connected to our CRM, which contains data about our contacts engagement with our product. We would like to have an email go out to contacts, triggered when they’ve interacted with our product a certain amount, to inform them of their activity so far. This would involve numerous pieces of dynamic data from our CRM. Is it possible? How do I do it?

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My Database type and version is: v2.16.3

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My problem is: Pulling dynamic data from our CRM into automatically triggered emails in Mautic

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This can be done in Mautic!
I was able to connect WordPress to Mautic trough n8n, to have the needed information in Mautic, inside some Custom Fields (not all data from WordPress / WooCommerce, but only some that I chose).

This PluginIn or the other could help even more with this job:

Are you really using Mautic 2.16.3 @db90 ? Please hurry up … we are at 4.4.9 stable. Your version is likely not secure anymore.