Integrate Mautic with any system using n8n

Powetic cofounder Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira Fonseca briefly details the potential of integrating Mautic with other systems using n8n.

Read more about how you can set your own rules to handle bounces and lead scoring, in addition to contacting customers based on their behavior, without the need to create campaigns or segments.

Marketing automation requires up-to-date contacts and the integration between Mautic and n8n is the missing link to get data from the most diverse systems and enrich Mautic. 

In this article, I will detail how n8n version 0.165.0 brings new features so you can manipulate Mautic in a simple and easy way.

This is my second contribution to Mautic node improvements in n8n and I am very happy to be able to collaborate with both Mautic and n8n communities. You can learn more about how to contribute in our Community and Get Involved sections.

Send emails directly to your leads

How many times have you thought about sending a specific email to a contact through some external action like an e-commerce order, subscription expiry or an alert using Mautic?

On n8n's Mautic node you will find the action "Send e-mail", which requests the contact ID and the email ID (campaign type). As soon as you run node, your contact will be sent the email, without using a campaign or broadcast.

In this way, the submission and engagement are recorded in the contact's timeline.

Create your own rules to handle bounces

Mautic takes hard-bounces and applies the “Do Not Contact” flag to the corresponding contacts, but many companies take soft-bounce with a slightly different approach.

With n8n, all you need to do is receive bounce notifications for a webhook, perform some processing or validations in alignment with your policies, add notes and choose the most appropriate "Do not Contact" level.

You are free to choose the best way to handle hard-bounces, soft-bounces and complaints.

Lead Score like you've never seen

n8n also allows you to add or subtract points from a contact, opening doors to the most diverse external situations that can contribute to your Lead Score strategy.

Imagine that every time a contact makes a purchase on your e-commerce website, you can add a point to them – in addition to adding a comment, making it easier to identify them on the timeline

Handle your contacts with the n8n

The integration of Mautic within the n8n platform allows you to perform the most diverse actions:

  • Create or Update Contacts
  • Add Tags to Contacts
  • Add or Remove a Contact from a Segment
  • Add or Remove a Contact from a Campaign
  • Add or Remove “Do Not Contact” from a contact
  • Directly send a Campaign-type email to a contact
  • Add or Subtract Points from a Contact

n8n is Mautic's best open source partner for connecting external systems that can perform actions inside your Mautic.

You can plug Mautic into major CRM, email validation systems, contact enrichment, spreadsheets, SQL and NoSQL databases, receive data via webhooks or API and much more.

If you are thinking of connecting your Mautic to an external system, be sure to look for the n8n. It's a free and open source system that you can run on your own server.

Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira Fonseca is a Devops and cofounder of Powertic. He is also with the Mautic Meetup São Paulo (Brazil) and the n8n Meetup São Paulo (Brasil). You can follow him on Twitter: @luizeof.

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