Why should one upgrade to Mautic v3?

Hi Mautic community

Mautic v3 is around the corner and that makes me wondering if it’s worth upgrading to it, if yes should one upgrade right away or wait a few months after the stable has been released? If you’re on team “Update to v3” please give me a few reasons why. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hello @lalurran

I am not part of the team, but I wrote a post about the possible dangers.

I also keep a page where you can check the “status” of different Mautic releases:

All in all, I would say it is too soon to make that decision and of course this decision will look different for different people with different needs. Start testing it (not on your production server), help with bug discovery and smashing (you will gain a lot of knowledge by doing so) and wait at least until the release of Mautic 3.0 Stable to decide for yourself.

Answer these questions in order to determine if you have to switch ASAP or wait for a while:

  • Are you a developer? a Sys admin/OPS? a marketer/final user?
  • Is uptime important to you? Are the latest features important to you?
  • Are you allowed to run unsupported software (Symfony 2.x) in your organization?
  • Do you currently use any plugins that are for Mautic 2.x only? Can you migrate those plugins by yourself?

I read the blog post and from what is stated there Mautic 3 is primarily a migration from Symphony 2.x to Symfony 3.x. That upgrade is not important for my organisation in this moment so we’ll probably wait with the update. If not anyone else has good arguments why we should make a switch?

Even though based on the pre-release versions it looks like not much has changed in Mautic 3, the upgrade to the new version of the Symfony framework is important, because the previous version of Symfony will no longer receive security fixes. Mautic 3.0.0 upgrades the Symfony framework to version 3.4, which receives long term support through to November 2021.

Also Mautic 3 supports PHP 7.3 extending security support through to December 2021.

We tested the alpha version of Mautic 3 and are pleased to see that almost all of the existing features and integrations have been successfully ported over to the 3.x branch of Mautic. Yosu’s remarks about the uncertainty of Mautic 3 are based on the status of the project just after the Acquia acquisition of Mautic Inc. Now that Acquia’s engineering team has been lending support to Mautic to develop Mautic 3 for over 6 months, the project is in a much better shape.

Although users might understandably not want to update to the 3.0.0 release of Mautic, we would strongly suggest them to upgrade as soon as 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 are released. Here are our impressions about Mautic 3.


Thank you for the update, autoize.

Am waiting for mautic 3 and expecting all bugs in other version fixed as currently am considering switching because of so many bug and its like for coders who can fix issues not for end users with no programming skills.
Well i love mautic and trying to see solutions to hang around until mautic 3 is stable because i think as they are acquire they will be improved by Acquia except they want to show us their platform is as buggy as mautic.

Don’t expect to many of the bugs to be fixed initially, that’s my take on the release of 3.0 at least. But I suppose Acquia will continue doing improvements and in a year or two many of the bugs will be squashed.

Okay so sad Mautic will die for a while until bugs are fixed
Its only good at creating forms,collecting emails but anything with segment and campaigns leads to chaos.
Good luck with trying to get frustration

I think Mautic works pretty well. Which bugs are the most frustrating would you say?

Page Hit

This is the most important feature for me in my flow and its not working well

Its used to change user from one campaign or segment to another
Eg i want to move a lead to on boarding campaign after he buys and visit purchase complete page.

or after a user signs up i want him to visit a page and be updated to another segment from pending confirmation to confirmed email list.

In my installation page visit works when it likes
when it doesn’t work i need to click the link in the confirmation link again and the segments gets updated again but users cant click link twice.

Am sure you are not using the feature of Page visit in your flows! are you?

No, I’m not using it. Planned on using it for opt-in functionality (verifying an email address) but maybe it can be implemented some other way?

There are no way you can to do that without the page hit working properly
so the moment you said all if fine i noticed you use it for just collecting leads and sending emails you are not using the main automation feature that nurture leads through segmentation and campaigns flows

That sucks. I’ll try it out anyway. Hopefully it works most of the time.

How does that sucks?
I dont understand you what you mean by it sucks.
Its being able to automatically segment leads and using campaigns to send matching emails is what makes it marketing automation.

I meant that it’s unfortunate bugs exist in the page hit functionality. Sorry for the confusion

That function is very important like anything is it gives power for automated list segmentation