WP forms to Mautic integration - do we need this?

Hello everyone!

Are there people in the community who would develop this project WP Mautic Form Integrator – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org?

A lot of people use Wordpress and these 3 contact form plugins:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Ninja Forms
  • Formidable Forms

It would be awesome if this integration would work and be developed.
I think many people will agree with this.

I hope that the development of this plugin can become real.



Hey, Just FYI:
It’s really easy to connect Mautic forms with Contact Form 7:

In this tutorial you will learn how to easily integrate the popular Contact Form 7 Plugin for Wordpress with Mautic.

Step 1. Set up form in Wordpress and Mautic

To make the tutorial, I created a simple form in Contact Form 7 as follows:

Contact Form 7 works with the field names above. Their names are super important, so let’s make a note of them.

Now create the form in Mautic.

As you can see I made a matching form with the same fields. This is my form 4, so the form ID will be 4. By clicking on the edit buttons we can find out the HTML name of the fileds, which is needed for proper mapping.

This is the HTML name of our email field:


This is the HTML name of our first name field:


Step 2: Set up our 3rd Party Form Integration

Let’s download the following FREE plugin, that allows the integration between Contact Form 7 and Mautic: Forms: 3rd-Party Integration

Don’t forget to activate it:

Open the plugin


and create a new service.


Fill out your Mautic URL and the proper form id.

Once you choose the CF7 Form you’d like to map your Mautic form with, you can continue:

The above settings do the magic.

In the second column you can give any names to your fields. It’s just for your convenience.

The third column must be the CF7 form field name.

The forth column is your Mautic Field HTML name. Make sure you use this format: mauticforms[yourfieldname]

Once you are done, you can test it:


By hitting “Send” all the information is transmitted to the proper form in Mautic:

Good Luck.


Thank you for such a thorough explanation.
It is understandable and clear for me to apply.
I was hoping to speak for the thousands of Wordpress users who use not only CF7 but also Formidable Forms.
In my case it is Formidable Forms that are the problem because I do not find integration for this WP plugin.
Is there perhaps a solution for Formidable, similar to the one you described for CF7?
I will be grateful for any hint.

Would this method pass the IP address and link the anonymous data in mautic with the known record post form submission?

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Is the issue not that cookie is not fired, so contacts are not merged. Mautic wouldn’t merge based on IP

I guess so, and as pasting the data from the form into mautic would not fire the cookie, I guess the records would not be merged, and if the person came back to the site, their ongoing browsing history would be allocated to the anonymous IP and not to their know record.

I have a fix for that. Buys pulling a tut video together. I’ll pst here once done.

WP Fusion has a way of doing this for lots of form libs, I suspect through JavaScript injection and other trickery :woman_mage: