Writer/editorial guidelines

We need some basic guidelines for writers and editors to use as a basis for determining what to write for the community blog.

I’ve done a bit of research and found some useful guidelines as a start which I’ve dropped in this doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YvlfDG9pgyHA_r1dHP7vFtXyUcQ3JXb4wRj70CKJFZA/edit?usp=sharing

Would love some feedback and input to see if there is anything missing (I will check with the legal bods at Acquia re. the FTC part and legal obligations as there might be some aspects not considered)

Don’t see anything glaringly missing - it’s understandable and to the point. Maybe include more about style, such as “Content should follow the Associated Press Stylebook”.

As a related side note, maybe we could develop a standard ‘About the Author’ format to avoid excessive self-promotion while making clear the author’s credentials.

I’m thinking that either the ‘About’ would be linked from the article, or the blog manager would attach the author’s ‘About’ section to each of their posts.

Some examples
About the Author:
John Doe is the CEO of XYZ LLC.,and a member of the American Marketing Association. John has been advising businesses on using Mautic marketing automation for 3 years.

About the Author:
Andy Pandy is a Linux System Administrator with ABC Inc. and a member of the Linux Foundation. Andy has been managing systems for over 15 years.

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Thanks for the feedback @mike-accentdm! Feel free to make any suggestions/changes to the google doc - it should be editable by all.

I agree with you re. representing the author in an author block and/or author page on the blog, and making it clear for example that they may include one link on their bio page but not self-promote or include links to their own site on the content itself?