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2.10.0 Released!

[quote=25868:@sergio.bolinches]Now I can find the option in Contacts. But not in Campaigns.

Welcome to the Mautic! :wink:
Tomorrow something else will stop working …


@sergio.bolinches (@PeterTL & @antomal), apologies for the confusion. For some reason the action went missing in the 2.10.0 release, was discovered and added back in the 2.10.1 update. If you are not seeing it after your update, please post a reply. Thanks!

Since updating I am receiving 500 errors on both Reports and individual contacts (urls like[id]). Is this happening to anyone else?

Since updating to 2.10.0 or to 2.10.1?

I’m on 2.10.1.

I have this notice in the logs since the update (from a fresh mautic 2.10.0 install):