2021 Will be better: Support Givaway

Last Year was bad. Let’s make this one better together.
Mautic should be the software that helps to grow your business without any headaches.
If you read this forum, you might have headaches… Let me help you with that.
If you are new to Mautic and need help, and forum might be not be the right platform for your questions, I would like to assist you. Drop a message here, and the first 3 reply will get a 1 hour session where we can do one of the followings in a screen share and video chat:

  • We try to fix your Mautic install problems
  • I’ll guide you through Mautic and teach you how to use it (basics, or your specific topic)
  • I’ll help you to create your marketing automation strategy with Mautic.

(If I can’t help you I’ll let you know - totally possible, but let’s give it shot.)

There is no catch, I won’t try to sell you anything. Just want to enlighten your day.


@joeyk This is quite kind of you! How can I take you up on this offer?

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Sure thing. I’ll PM you.
2 more slots to go :slight_smile:

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So nice of you!
I would want to take up this!

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Pm sent. One more slot to go.

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need help ! would appreciate your assistance

PM sent. I hope I can help you guys all.

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