3.1.0: SES API working but not SNS (404 /worker/amazon/callback)

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.1
My PHP version is: 7.3.20
My Docker container is: https://hub.docker.com/r/mautic/mautic

Your problem
I receive a 404 when accessing /mailer/amazon/callback. I configured mail as follows and I can send email.

How can I make the callback available?


These errors are showing in the log: none

Did you create the SNS topic > subscription?
Make sure you are using HTTPS if you have it.

Wow, what a quick response :slight_smile: Thanks!

Do you mean in the AWS console? Actually I did the following there:

It is pending and thus I checked the endpoint which returns a 404:

curl -I https://mautic.example.com/mailer/amazon/callback

 HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Yes, my question is: do you have https already enabled on that server?
It is a common mistake to add https to this link, but you actually don’t have https, just http (sorry first step to troubleshoot this is that trivial)

Yes, https is working (and enforced) :slight_smile:

When you use the SES API you should use this endpoint mailer/amazon_api/callback

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Why is it a different endpoint? Does SNS feedback loop give a different webhook if you send emails via API not SMTP?

No, it is the same response from SES and in Mautic it is handled the same way, but Mautic looks only for the active sending method and enable the callback url for it.

So amazon SMTP has a different endpoint that the one for SES api

Hey, Ok that makes sense. Thx for clearing it up.

Thanks for the correct API call back

This is not working for me! I have https://mydomain.com/mailer/amazon_api/callback configured in the subscription settings but it still does not work.

3.3.3 Mautic version
bitnami mautic server on AWS EC2

Please Help!!!

Same issue

For some reason this is not working for Me!!! Any ideas on what could be wrong? SLL is working fine. Http is redirected to https. But all of my subscriptions stay in the pending state! I am stuck! Is there any thing else I need to configure on the Mautic Server?


Mautic version 3.3.3
PHP Version 7.3.7
Installed on a local QNAP server

Setting up Amazon SNS subscription using HTTPS or even HTTP but it is stuck at “pending confirmation”.

My setup is through the Amazon SES - SMTP and I can receive email just fine
If I curl the endpoint using https://mautic.mydomain.com/mailer/amazon/callback I do get a positive response
I also ran the log on AWS Cloudwatch and I’m getting a connection timeout: delivery.providerResponse
ConnectTimeoutException in HttpClient this is happening on both HTTP and HTTPS, but I am able to access the server and mautic on WAN.

Any thoughts as to what may be happening?? Seems to be the same issue as m.abumusa is reporting…