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A/B test blocked - Mail can't be opened anymore.

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Mautic and trie to set-up my first A/B test.
My company has been working with Mautic but they haven’t used the A/B feature yet. So I figured, let’s try to see if a subject like this has a better impact on the reading rate than that subject.

So I created my B-variant. I clicked ‘apply’ and all was well. Then I clicked ‘save and close’ and then… everything blocked.

So after 5-10 minutes I clicked on ‘emails’ in the left hand column and ever since then, I am unable to open that email component (which also included a translation) in Mautic.

I can still open the rest of my emails, but can’t seem to do anything else than click ‘edit’ in the left square. But this only allows me to see the original email builder. Not the B variant nor the translation…

How can I fix this?

Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks #MxyzptlkFishStic

I had some help in our team from the full stack developer who was able to debug it. It blocked because I set up an A/B test on an email campaign that also has translations linked to it.