A bug with specific date/time setting - autocomplete menu blocking calendar picker

Browser autofill menu opens up which is masking the calendar picker.

Need to either remove the input box and use calendar icon to open a calendar picker alone or disable the autocomplete on the input box using html autocomplete=“off”

Honestly, I don’t see a real reason to have an input box there that is editable when a calendar picker is used.

See screenshot below - (my personal info partially blurred)

I can see that input box is needed to be able to edit it to more a specific minutes

Then we just need the autocomplete off and the calendar icon clickable to open calendar picker

Looking at the source code … I do see it does have autocomplete=“false” which is not preventing the autofill

Changing it to ranson string like this autocomplete=“nope” fixes it for me and the autofill pop up menu no longer appears

which file is this held in to be fixed, this is a rather anonying bug that I have seen throughout the versions and would be great to have it finally fixed.