A change to how contacts are categorized/identified

My idea is: As it is now, everyone that hits the site is a contact. Even if we know nothing about them aside from how they’ve interacted with a site. So the list of contacts has a whole whack of IP’s and nothing else.

What I thought is what if Mautic had three levels or types of contact.

  1. Ghosts: For those anonymous IP’s. Also known simply as visitors. Great to know what content they are consuming but there’s not much can be done to proactively interact with them.

  2. Leads: For those that we know names and other info. Now we can target these people with campaigns and personalization.

  3. Contacts: For those that have made a purchase or done some kind of a transaction with us.

Regarding marking everyone as a contact as it is now. Think about your phone. You only have someone in your contacts list if they have some kind of importance to you. You don’t have everyone you pass on the street added to your contacts list nor do you automatically add Steve to whom you were just introduced to by your friend. Sure you and Steve shook hands but he’s not on your phone yet. To be marked as a Contact is for those that have a higher value and purpose.

I was just thinking of a way to separate those anonymous IP contacts from the rest to help sort out the noise. To say that 30 new contacts were created today when in fact it was 30 new IPs visited is a fairly different thing. Contacts and leads I can do something with, visitors I can’t. It’s great to know what visitors are doing and the dashboard can show that info but seeing how many leads and contacts were created is a great visual way to see growth quickly.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: Everyone really.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: Clear data that helps us focus our attention on those that really need attention in the way they need it.

Any code or resources to support this idea: I’m not strong enough of a coder to assist in this way. If you want something broken I’m your man.

Are you willing to work on this idea?: I would offer QC and testing on my system (as long as there was a way to back data up or install as a second system and mirror data)

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further? Not sure I understand the question clearly.

You can do it yourself now. Assigning stages to contacts. According to the rules you created.
Stages are visible in the contact list.

Interesting suggestion. I’ve been thinking about your Stages approach and I’m not quite sure how I would implement that. I’m still new here so I don’t quite get all the nuances.

I would have to build an extensive set of campaigns and segments to feed them. Getting everyone into a campaign yet ensure that I don’t create a feed loop constantly running contacts through would be the sticking point.

Are you able to elaborate the steps you would take to pull this off?

Also, how would you go about editing the dashboard displays so that vistors, leads and contacts were all kept apart in their own modules?

The first campaign assigns the “Anonymous visitors” stage

The second campaign checks the field marked with an email or phone number and assigns the “leads” stage

The third campaign checks the field marked with the purchase and assigns the “Customers” stage

Or do you do it all in one campaign.

Dashboards are a completely different issue to discuss. Try using reports instead of dashboards.

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