A contactfield as Fallback for Salutation

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.5
My PHP version is: PHP Version 7.4.29
My Database type and version is: 10.6.7-MariaDB-1:10.6.7+maria~bionic

Your problem
My problem is:
I want to use a contact field value as a fallback for a salutation, not just plain text, i.e.
Hi {contactfield=firstname|contactfield=othercontactfield}
I know that I can do this with dynmic content, but since I am using GrapesJS, I have no way to use or insert dynamic content in the mail in the builder.


to my knowledge the new email builder for mautic is based on grapejs and there you have an element for dynamic content. Or do you mean that you don’t use the new grapejs email builder?

thanks for your answer :slight_smile: .
I think for some reason I am missing the dynamic content button in the builder.

I researched a bit and this seems to be a known issue: Dynamic Content block missing in MJML email in GrapesJS builder in Mautic 4.3.x · Issue #11290 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

The block is available from 4.4.6 :slight_smile: