Version 4.4.8 dynamic content isn't shown in mail

My Mautic version is: 4.4.8

According to the github log (Releases · mautic/mautic · GitHub), the bug with the unfilled dynamic content should be fixed for version 4.4.8.

Error see: Dynamic content is empty in any condition

This is true so far. I can now save the dynamic content in the template without it disappearing.

BUT in a sent mail it is still not included. There is simply nothing instead of the dynamic content.

When you send an email - is this a test email send or a “real send to a segment” ?

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A real email to a real segment.

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I’m having the exact same problem. Emails only send the default content. Dynamic content on emails are totally ignored.

Also, when I save the email trying to use different conditions combinations when I go back to modify the email again the fields settings shows as empty with errors saying that a value must be picked for all fields.

No errors shown in the logs.

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Are you using Legacy Editor (Froala) or the GrapesJS Editor?

I am asking because I tested the function and I was successful in implementing the Dynamic content in emails.
Both types: Campaign emails and Segment emails.

As a filter for the variant, I used a custom field of type boolean and tested if equal to 1.

This worked. I made also a video (in romanian language) how to do it and also the test was live, recorded:

I’m using GrapeJS and have also tested with the legacy builder getting the same results.

Thanks for the video.

Let us focus on legacy builder, as I know that in the GrapesJS builder the function is not working.
What is your filter? what values do you use? how do you test?

I have multiple conditions based on a custom field. It’s a select field.

I test using a form which sends the contact into a campaign that sends the email.

I send the email to a personal email account I have, But I have also tested with other emails.

I can say my experience, that perhaps is relevant also to you.

I created a boolean custom field, named “email confirmed”, of type boolean, with values: no and yes.
Like in the picture (the values are in romanian language):

What has caused the issue was the setting for the Default value.

If I have set the Default value to “no”, like in the picture, following did happen:

  • let´s say, the contact had confirmed the email in the past, so the value of the custom field was “yes”.
  • this contact had subscribed a form
  • the value of this custom field was changed to “no”, even if this custom field was not in the form or something similar.

Therefore, the dynamic fields were not working after submitting any form (of course, the value of the custom field was garbaged afterwards, but that is another issue).

What I did was to set the Default value to “x” (not set) and the dynamic fields worked as expected:

I assume this issue is a bug (and not a feature), but I had not the time to point it out (until now).
I also assume, the bug is also for “Select” type. Perhaps you can confirm on that.

Thanks for the recommendations @IonutOjicaDe . I checked my custom field settings and I don’t have a default value selected. On my side looks like this is not the issue.

For now I decided to give it a try to this plugin Mautic Advanced Templates Bundle It’s compatible with Mautic 4.4.0 and I have 4.4.9

Thanks to @joeyk who has made the recommendation several times in other posts but with another plugin that does the same.

This one works flawlessly. I decided to switch all my conditions on my emails to Twig using this plugin and all my problems are gone for now. Anyone having a hard time with dynamic content should give it a try until there’s an update.

If you are not a developer there’s a small learning curve involve but it’s really simple. It works with the new grapejsbuilder inside a mj-text label

Thank you for the tip about the plugin !

I will install it also … I did not know about this plugin and I was looking for a possibility to reuse some part of code for the emails, to change only in one place ; and with this plugin I will be able to do it.

On my research I also found this plugin Twig Templates for Mautic It’s a paid version.

Just in case you would like to give it a go.

And here is the related issue in github:

“no component or dynamic content item” error in GrapeJS builder CodeEditor and save · Issue #12481 · mautic/mautic (

Thanks @abdulwahab