Dynamic content is empty in any condition


I have some problems with dynamic content fields in emails.

  1. If I drag a dynamic content field into the template, i can’t edit it. There is no option! But if I drag a second one into the same template, I can edit this without any problem. The first one is still uneditable.

  2. If I edit the “default tab” and click on “save template”, the inserted text disappers! But any added variant is saveable. Sometimes the “saved” content of the default tab is visible in the sent email (not every time!) but it still isn’t shown in the template.

  3. I want mire than one dynamic content in one email to show the recipient which fields should be filled. So I said “default” = means the field is correctly filled and the contact only gets a “yeah”-Message, and the variant I filtered “field is empty or no or what ever condition fits” and it should show “oh no, you should add this information!”.
    But although I have a contact which has all conditions and one which has none of this conditions . what the get is the same = NOTHING. No Text.

First I tested a new email with only one dynamic field and it gets the correct parameters. Yeah und Oh no for each contact. Then I tested an email with more than one filtered fields and it gets “nothing” (all dynamic content was empty in the sent mail). After this I tested a new email with only one dynamic field again and also got nothing for the fields in the sent email.

Is it intended that you can only have one dynamic content field or is this an issue?

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Curious to know as well.

I use dynamic content on websites but I have yet to use it in emails.

I was able to confirm it with Mautic v4.1 … will need to recheck with current version. Might be a new issues.

I have the same problem in 4.1.2. Dynamic content in emails just doesn’t seem to work for me.

There is a new update for dynamic content in v4.2 you can update and check.

Yep seems to work now with GrapesJS / MJML plugin but doesnt seem to work in core Mautic still.

Version update to 4.2. but same problem like before.

This is the issue in Github:

Subscribe there for more updates as well…

this issue still persists in 4.4.2

I confirm this issue is still happening in 4.4.8