Activity log of all sent emails

I may be missing something, but this seems like a basic feature to me.

Does mautic have anywhere where I can see a list of all sent emails over time? Even something as simple as a text file with simple the email address, subject, date sent, and status (sent, rejected, bounced etc). Sendgrid has an ‘activity’ UI which does something like this, but this would be a pretty big task to design.

This is really needed because, how do I know if that email actually got sent? How can I view what emails I’ve sent over the past 24 hours, are my campaigns working? Etc. There’s currently no way to really log these.

Some mail providers have this feature (like Sendgrid, in the picture below) but others don’t (like Amazon SES). Amazon SES say "it’s up to the sender to log what emails it sends, which I think is right from a privacy and logging perspective.

This function exists in the report menu- See below

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Thanks EJL, this is exactly what I was looking for. Here are my settings, in case they’re useful for anyone else:

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My system also sends automated emails - email verifications or invite emails created by the users. All those emails are handled through SES and delivery notifications go into the mautic topic.

The report settings like that only follow the emails initiated through mautic. It doesn’t count the emails that go to the mautic configuration set from SNS. Is there a way to connect SNS to mautic and get the reports from all emails that go through SES/SNS?