Add tag with abandoned cart in WooCommerce to "visitors"

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Add “visitors” tag with abandoned cart in WooCommerce

Is it possible to tag “anonymous visitors” who leave an abandoned cart in WooCommerce, without having their contact email yet, to segment them in “Abandoned Cart Customers” and be able to put them in campaigns to rescue them by offering them coupons, etc., simply by having their IP and the tracking of actions they have done in the shop?

With Contacts identified the “customer-store-cart-abandoned-cart” tagging is as expected and they segment well, but I would like to be able to segment visitors who abandon carts.


You can add the abandoned cart to everyone who visit the basket, and remove for those who visited the successful order page. This way the anyone who didnt purchase will have the abandoned cart, but not those who bought something.

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Thank you for answering @joeyk I watched your videos before asking my question because it wasn’t clear to me.

Now I understand that I tag them via WP Mautic (or whatever plugin I use) and then untag only those that complete the checout via a segment.

Is this correct?

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Yes correct!

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Thank you very much for everything @joeyk

I keep watching your videos on Youtube. Regards! :raised_hands: