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Hello everyone.
I want to send abandoned cart emails to users who add items to their cart but don’t complete the purchase within 30 minutes.

I need help setting up a campaign that waits for a “purchase” event and sends an email encouraging the user to complete their purchase if the event isn’t received within 30 minutes.
Can anyone point me to documentation or provide guidance on the best way to configure this type of automated abandoned cart email campaign? Any help is appreciated.


Hi, sure, this is possible.
Before I can give you the next steps:

  • how do you push in the purchase event into Mautic? API?
  • how do you push in the ‘cart abandonement’ event? API? Do you have a date value on when the abandonment happened?
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Hi Joeyk.

Pending your response. It is something that I am interested in seeing how it would be done.

Thanks for your contributions

Like I said, depends how the relevant data is transmitted to Mautic.

Hi Joeyk. Thanks for your response.
I use the API for pushing events.
For cart abandonment, I do not have any scenario yet. For customers that have Webengage service, it is straightforward. I create a journey when a user adds something to their cart and waits for the purchase event and after a certain amount of time, the system sends an email. If you could explain me how to do it with Mautic I would really appreciate it.

Hi, I looked at webengage, and I’m not sure what data is submitted to Mautic.
Does it have an API integration with Mautic?

No. It doesn’t. I was just talking about my past experience.
The “cart abandonment” scenario in my mind is like this:
user adds a product to their cart and an event is sent to Mautic. Mautic waits for 30 minutes and if the purchase event doesn’t fire a reminder email is sent to the user and asks him to complete his purchase.
Is this scenario possible in Mautic or I should choose a different approach?

You can create 2 custom fields:

  1. Last Cart Update
  2. Last Successful purchase

When someone adds something to the cart, you make an API call to Mautic and push this information.
When a payment is successful, you can add the timestamp to the Last Successful purchase.

For starting an Abandoned cart campaign running for 2 days, you can create the following segment:

“Last Cart Update” is less, then -30 minutes
"Last Cart Update is more then -2 days
“Last Successful Purchase” is empty

Make sure you set the “Last Successful Purchase” as Empty once you finished with the campaign.

Once the contact lands in the segment, emails can go out during your campaign.
Once they purchase they will disqualify for the segment and the campaign is over.

Thanks. You are a genius.
I’m delighted right now.