Products in email


how to dynamically add products in emails?
Is there a better solution than creating custom fields and feeding them through the API for each contact?

The simplest idea at first is to send abandoned cart reminders.

What is the best approach?

If I am not mistaken you should be able to do this with the RSS feed plugin. I think that @joeyk even made a blog post about this somewhere

Thanks for reply, I think that you talk about this plugin GitHub - ChrisRAoW/mautic-rss-to-email-bundle: Mautic plugin to send emails from RSS

and also related to this pull request Add possibility to extend the email form template (edit emails) by ChrisRAoW · Pull Request #10401 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

But is it in 4.2.2 version of Mautic ? I am not sure.
If yes, how to use it ?
@joeyk and @chrisraow have you any feedback related to this ?

@kixell The pull request is unrelated.

For now I do not see any possiblity to do an abandoned cart email through the rss plugin since that data is dynamic. Current the plugin only works with a static feed.

If you have a way to pull the customers abandoned cart via a rss-feed I’m happy to see if we can make the feed url dynamic too.

We are using abandoned cart reminders the following way:

  1. abandoned cart is pushed in to Mautic via API as json (containing image url, product name, price, link)
  2. we also push abandonement date
  3. email is formatted using the twig templates plugin
  4. We create a segment based on abandonement date, which starts the campaign.
  5. Once purchase happens, the abandonment date is deleted, person falls out from the campaign.