Segment Magento 2 negative URL abandoned cart

We are Magento 2 experts and we think Mautic is a great option, we already connected, we are syncing every customers, no problem, our problem is the creation of segments
for example, we need to create abandoned cart, so, the option we see is by url, if some one arrive to /cart/ it means he added products, however we need to remove the ones who purchase, people who arrive at /success/, this removal does not exist, please see screenshot

Maybe Im not using the correct option, any idea?

  1. you can create a segment called “Success Purchase” which includes everyone who visit the /success url.

  2. then create another segment for people who visit the /cart url AND is not a member of the “Success Purchase” segment (Segment membership is the filter you should look for).

keep in mind that, if the user start another purchase and didn’t finish, he will still be in the Success Purchase segment, so if your e-commerce have recurring purchase you may need to filter the urls visit by the page hit date as well, so if the same user start adding new product to the cart one month after its last purchase, for example, the data from last month does not affect your segments.

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very thanks, i haven’t thought that way