After Form Submission


Does anyone know if there is a way that after a form is submitted to rather show the “Display Message” inside the form box itself and not ontop. So to have the form disappear and then just show the message?

If nothing else you can introduce this by adding a little bit of custom JS to your page. Simply hide the form after submission click and show the box how you would like.

Mautic or not - at the end you are still working with web technologies.

Not sure about achieving this via the mautic form builder though… I will follow the thread to see how it develops further :slight_smile:

for this particular case, I like to rely on css instead of javascript you can customize the way the form looks after a success submission, one possible scenario is to hide the form entirely and just show the success message with the example below:

/* hide the form content when received a success submission */
.mauticform-post-success .mauticform-innerform {display:none}

/* increase the font of the success message  */
.mauticform-post-success .mauticform-message {font-size:20pt;margin-top:3em}

Hi. Thanks for that. Seems like a perfect solution. In which file would I make this change ?

for me, I just include a .css file with those instruction (and additional styles) and use it in my landing pages, but it really depends on how much you are going to use it. you can include in a theme, or just in the <head> of one particular page

Thanks for this reply. I’ve applied the styling to the css to the stylesheet of a current form theme.

but the form appears with “?v193ffb43” at the end of the url for the respective stylesheet.

Where is the “?v193ffb43” being set in the url? I’ve deleted the cache to no effect.

Thanks for any response.

everything after the question mark does not seem to be relevant for your content, if anything , it can force the browser to ignore old cache (with a different vXXX string) perhaps that is why mautic is including that information.

I took the liberty of testing your form and it seems to be working fine, including the hiding of the form and showing only the submission message :slight_smile:

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Thanks Leoshuler! I tested a view times but couldn’t get it to clear the url.