All Email Theme Emails Say "Message Clipped" in Gmail

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: WTF?


No matter which theme I use, or which browser I use, my Mautic installation is sending emails that are clipped in Gmail. I do not have Grammarly activated. I tried the blank theme and two others. I tried it with images and without images. I tried sending using different subject lines. It’s always “Message Clipped” with nothing visible except in a brower after clicking the view link. Not sure what to do. I read all forum threads on this topic. None of them apply. Thanks.

@monkeyjedi there is a perfectly good reason for us to be asking for Mautic, PHP and database versions in support requests. It helps folks in the community to respond and troubleshoot appropriately, and indeed the folk who reply in the forum are the people who asked us to make these mandatory in support requests.

This is your final warning, we will not tolerate your continued use of inappropriate communication in our community channels. If this continues you will be banned from our channels for a period of three months, per our procedures which are documented here.

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That wasn’t an attempt to be mean, but I’ll be happy to refrain from using wtf as a placeholder in the future.

Great. There is no need for swearing or using expletives - if you’re asked to provide some piece of information, it’s for a reason :slight_smile:

OK. I’m not from your planet. Still learning the mores and acronyms.

Usually the message is clipped if it’s too long. Try a shorter message. I mean shorter then 102 kbyte:

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Thanks for your answer. I controlled for kb size and word count, so your solution does not work. It doesn’t matter what size or length the email is.

I can’t reproduce it. Do you have large image in the email?

Seems, that you found the problem: extra code injected, that clips the email:

Yes. After switching to the grapes.js plugin, the problem is gone now.