Amazon ses declined me

I am really dissapointed…Amazon ses just declined my application to get out of sandbox…
I told them I will send email to my subscribers that double option to my list

I used doubleoptin users to email. They must approve they want to join my newsletter. I will use mautic, or mailwizz to send email.
I will be very careful about bounces, I will delete those emails immediately.
Each email has unsibscribe link at the bottom so the user can unsibscribe.
I will send email once per week. I have 1000 verified users to email to.
If user complains, I will delete them immediately. If the user unsibscribes, they will never get an email from me again. That is automaticly done in mautic or mailwizz”“”

This is the reply

Thank you for providing us with additional information regarding your sending limits. We are unable to grant your request at this time.

We reviewed your request and determined that your use of Amazon SES could have a negative impact on our service. We are denying this request to prevent other Amazon SES customers from experiencing interruptions in service.

For security purposes, we are unable to provide specific details.

For more information about our policies, please review the AWS Acceptable Use Policy ( AWS Acceptable Use Policy ) and AWS Service Terms ( AWS Service Terms ).

Thank you for contacting Amazon Web Services.

We value your feedback. Please share your experience by rating this and other correspondences in the AWS Support Center. You can rate a correspondence by selecting the stars in the top right corner of the correspondence.

Best regards,
Trust and Safety

What is left? I mean this is ridiculous…Other users send 1000000 emails per day via ses and they declined me because I send like few hundred per day?

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Is this the first reply from AWS team regarding the “going out of sandbox” ?
If yes, then reply again to that email.

If no, then I do not know… perhaps try using another location.
The question is: on what could their decision be based on? On your domain? Or on your email address? What could be seen behind these information for AWS to take such a decision?

Some other points: I would not say like this:

Actually, the bounces should be automated. Meaning no action from your side.
The emails that bounce will not resolve nothing.
The email addresses that bounce are the reason => so marking those email addresses as “do not contact” will solve the issue.
You get what I mean: not emails, but email addresses.

I would not say “I will delete them immediately.” as this should be, again, an automated process. As you also mention later on.
So, the action to take “if a user complains” would be “it will be automatically marked as do not contact by Mautic, so that the user will no longer receives emails from me.”

it is based on my email
I will try again…i did not phrase my statements correctly…i know how mautic works but I forgot to mention about automation…

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also what alternative do i have now that I was declined by ses?

Amazon SES admins will look at the following information when you register, and calculate a risk based on them. If the risk is high, they refuse you.

  1. Your previous applications, if you have been denied, then your chances are not too good.
  2. Your Credit Card: have you been applying with this card / name / company name / address before? If yes, that’s a flag.
  3. Your Credit Card location: it’s impossible to apply from certain countries.
  4. If your Credit Card address and location doesn’t match at all (diff. country), that gives them red flags
  5. Your Credit Card type: you can’t apply with certain prepayed CC companies
  6. Your IP where you are applying from: if you use VPN, or any way suspicious IP, then it’s another flag
  7. Your website: if the admin thinks you might be an affiliate business, a scammer, a non-mainstream thinker, or you might be flagged. No sex, drugs, weapons, false propaganda, etc.
  8. Age of your domain: a fresh domain is a flag
  9. No privacy policy, the website is not clearly connected with a real person/business. Flag.
  10. The mobile number you registered with is prepaid and/or doesn’t match with the application country or CC issuer country, you are flagged.

And there are a lot more, but these are the most obvious.

I know many legit businesses who got refused and never given an explanation. Amazon SES will never reveal the reasons. And application is rarely up for debate.

However sometimes re-applying after 2-3 weeks on a different region can be successful.



It is like, the case will be evaluated by someone else as the first time, right? Good tip :slight_smile:

Not really, but I have seen miracles, where resubmission was a success.

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you mean instead of east now west server? I never used cc, I applied for the first time, my website is about EMF measurements etc…Wordpress site, no VPN…

Like I said, “Amazon SES will never reveal the reasons. And application is rarely up for debate.”

In other words: if there is a manual review, where an person has to decide if your content might potentially be against Terms of Use:

You may not use, or facilitate or allow others to use, the Services or the AWS Site:

  • for any illegal or fraudulent activity;
  • to violate the rights of others;
  • to threaten, incite, promote, or actively encourage violence, terrorism, or other serious harm;
  • for any content or activity that promotes child sexual exploitation or abuse;
  • to violate the security, integrity, or availability of any user, network, computer or communications system, software application, or network or computing device;
  • to distribute, publish, send, or facilitate the sending of unsolicited mass email or other messages, promotions, advertising, or solicitations (or “spam”).

Sometimes not mainstream thinking is considered as fake news, potentially harmful. (Without taking sides I have seen anti-vax, flat earth, gun rights accounts being banned.)
I’m sure your content is fine, I’m just saying, that sometimes legit applications are at mercy of an admin, that has seconds to decide about refusing you.

Maybe try another region. All regions are fine to send, there is no difference.

Addition: maybe it’s not the content. Check if your domain has been spamlisted.

they really did me good this si the last reply I got from them

My name is Yuki and your case has been escalated to me for a Senior Review. Thank you for your patience while we have reviewed your case.

I have thoroughly reviewed your account and the information you have provided so far. Although we appreciate your efforts to use Amazon SES, I’m afraid we have come to the final conclusion that we are still unable to grant your request. We made this decision because we believe that your use case would impact the deliverability of our service. Unfortunately, for security purposes we cannot provide specific details that led to this decision.

We understand that you may not agree with the outcome, but we will not be able to assist you and there will be no further response to additional messages on this subject.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We value your feedback. Please share your experience by rating this and other correspondences in the AWS Support Center. You can rate a correspondence by selecting the stars in the top right corner of the correspondence.“”

I had the same experiences with two different domain one old and one new. The content I used is pretty similar to yours. I’ll try now with different region. I’ll inform you asap.

Honestly, I get the feeling its about the description of the bounce handling process. This should be automated and is straight forward with Amazon SNS set up with Mautic. You don’t describe it in your application.

The impression I get from the application: “Seems like they don’t really know what they do. Will they really manually handle bounces and complaints?”

Write it in a more professional confident way. ChatGPT may help.

they are real assholes… they did not even let me send anything…and immediately they banned me…

how to even apply for diferen region? I have stockholm europe region

Go to SES
Change the region (right upper corner)
And apply again.

where can you change the region? you mean Frankfurt , Ireland, London, Paris? Are all these different regions? I already applied at Stockholm and I was denied…are all these totally different entities?
I have a website about EMF radiation, 5g, etc and I was declined…i dunno why…but I would not send any spam at all

should I go with numerology website? will that one get declined too?

Amazon will not tell you why you are declined.
No they are not different entities, but each of them are different process.
Sometimes after being declined in Frankfurt, you get a green light in Oregon or Virginia.

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i am trying now at 3rd region, 2 European ones declined me…
so what should I write

I said I use mautic to send , to manage bounces and unsubscribed and still they declined me twice already…what should I write?

For example, tell us how often you send email, how you maintain your recipient lists, and how you manage bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe requests. It is also helpful to provide examples of the email you plan to send so we can ensure that you are sending high-quality content that recipients will want to receive.

I think it doesn’t matter what you write, maybe your content, or other connected to your account raises flags and they don’t want you.

But if you try, write the truth.

i tried 6 different locations and they all declined me…and on the other hand i buy so much stuff on amazon, they should be ashamed