F*ck Amazon! Seriously (well, kind of :) )

I got everything set up and tested and tried to move my SES account out of the sandbox and this is the response I got.

I linked them to my website and sent multiple tests through the service so they know what I’m sending.

They give you a drop-down box to choose the type of mail you’re going to be sending, I chose “marketing”. Why even have the option if they aren’t going to supply the service!?

I’m now sending out the mailshot through my own mail server hosted on my residential ISP connection, lets see if they’re right, lol.

(p.s. I’ve been running this mail server from this IP for over 20 years without issue, I don’t really anticipate any reputational damage TBH, the only reason I wanted to use SES in the first place is that I don’t want my ISP getting annoyed).

We currently have around 6000 customers opted in for marketing messages. These will be sent around once a month at a slow pace (around 500 per day). Marketing messages are only sent to current customers who have opted in, include a one click unsubscribe link and header and follow all regulations, bounces will be automatically unsubscribed with the help of the SNS service.

Transactional emails will likely be moved to SES too at a later date once it has proved to be reliable.



Thank you for providing us with additional information regarding your sending limits. We are unable to grant your request at this time.

We reviewed your request and determined that your use of Amazon SES could have a negative impact on our service. We are denying this request to prevent other Amazon SES customers from experiencing interruptions in service.

For security purposes, we are unable to provide specific details.

For more information about our policies, please review the AWS Acceptable Use Policy ( AWS Acceptable Use Policy ) and AWS Service Terms ( AWS Service Terms ).

Thank you for contacting Amazon Web Services.

We value your feedback. Please share your experience by rating this and other correspondences in the AWS Support Center. You can rate a correspondence by selecting the stars in the top right corner of the correspondence.

Best regards,
Trust and Safety


Please be more specific. I have completed a lot of work to integrate with your system and be compliant. The ticket says “We have created a support case for a member of our team to work directly with you.” and I have just been sent a canned response. I would appreciate it if somebody would take the time to “work directly” with me. DKIM, SPF and DMARK have all been set up, the list is opt-in. Bounces and complaints are automatically handled and unsubscribed (although they should be rare). What exactly is SES for? What can I do to get in to production?

“We reviewed your request and determined that your use of Amazon SES could have a negative impact on our service.”… Please elaborate, if anything the low bounce and complaint rate will have a positive impact on the sending IP’s reputation.

I naively assumed they are offering the service because they want customers. I completely understand if they have decided my 50cents a month isn’t worth the risk but I seriously wish I knew this upfront before wasting my time with them.

They look at many things.

Your country / credit card / sms reg number (disposable?) email associated with the amazon account, your website, your website in the past, your domain, your domain rep etc.

It is what it is.


Yeah, I had done quite a bit of research before hitting the apply button (your posts we’re very helpful, thanks).

All details (website, phone number, debit card, address, email address etc…) are related to a limited company incorporated in 2008, nothing dodgy whatsoever. The initial send was going to be a basic marketing message that proves they are customers. There is nothing else I could have done IMO. (I have a network wide VPN that I thought may be an issue so I disabled it every time I visited the AWS website).

It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.

I have been sending transactional emails from the domain (and my ISP IP) for a decade. I’ve decided to send the mail shot out from the mail server and see what happens. Sending 5 messages every 15 minutes at the moment but I’ll probably up the rate to every 10 minutes from the weekend and it will take a couple of weeks to complete.

It’s up to them if they want me as a customer but the rejection is pretty arbitrary. Just wanted to vent :laughing:

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