Amazon SES limit (14\s) and Mautic's batch limit

Good day.

I’ve set up Amazon SES but I don’t quite understand what number I should specify when sending emails (“Enter the number of emails to send per batch then click Send to start the process.”)

I’ve got “Send immediately” enabled in my “Email Settings”

Our mailing list has just 4000 contacts.

Should I keep “send immediately” enabled? If so what number should I set as a batch when sending

Should I switch to “Filesystem queue”? If so what settings should I use considering my Amazon SES limit (14/second)



In the send window the batch setting (which dissappears in laterr versions of Mautic 4) will determine how many emails you try to create ‘at once’ in your memory.
If you would be a waiter and cook team, it would mean how many plates you can cook and carry at once.

For example you set for 100. It means you - as a waiter and cook team - can prepare 100 meals and carry 100 plates at once, and you will prepare the meal and run 40 times to deliver to all 4000 guests. Since you send immediatly, you will have to wait watching your browser while the progress bar is updated 40 times. This is happening by a script updating the screen once a batch is out. The smaller the batch, the easier the ‘lift’. 100 is a good number to work with.

If you have filesystem queue, the waiter and cook’s job is separated.
When you click on send and watch the queue, only the cook is working. All emails are prepared as files in the filesystem under /var/spool. The waiter is managed by another command mautic:emails:send. This can result in faster overall performance.

Here is a video explaining exactly how it works:

Thanx for the detailed explanation!

If I want to use “Send immediately” option with Amazon ses (14 emails\second limit), what number would you recommend setting for a batch ?

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I have found this Cron script

May I ask why there is no campaign update command in the script? Is it not needed?

Hi Semel

You can use the send immediately without much issue with the number of emails you are sending. If your number increases to 100k I would advice switching to the queue service.

Now with the amazon ses 14/s limit. you will send ses 100 emails to send. it will essentially stick it in its own queue and send 14 emails every second at a time until it is finished.

There is a mautic:campaign:update command. it will (just like rebuild) add new leads to a campaign everytime it runs (that is if it has leads to add to a campaign).

We essentially have campaign trigger running on a loop but we have leads being added to campaigns regularly throughout the day ( we have around 3 million leads in our DB). we also have another cron that runs mautic:campaigns:trigger which sends the leads through a campaign (this will also run and send email actions that are in campaigns).

The broadcasts:send command sends segment emails and other messages, not campaign emails.

If you decide to switch to queued emails you will need to run the following command in cron
How often you run this is up to you

Yeah that script is from my website :slight_smile:
campaign:update is replaced by campaign:rebuild there

It looks like I’ve run into issues with Amazon limits when sending emails this way.

mautic.ERROR: SES API Error: Maximum sending rate exceeded

I had 1000 test contacts (created on our Gsuite domain).

I set “100” per batch" when sending emails (immediately). According to the Amazon SES dashboard “The count of successful send requests=932”.

It has so much useful information :wink:

I see.