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Anti-spam Form Field Validation

Hi all,

We have an issue where a spam bot is targetting one of our forms, the honeypot method does not work (the bot does not fill in the field). The common element to all of the submissions is that the First Name always begins with a particular number, then it is just a series of characters. The one thing I have thought would be a quick and dirty solution is to validate the form to not accept numbers or only accept letters, I am unsure how to go about this though. Any pointers? I do not want to use a recaptcha. I have searched for this issue and have not quite found a right solution, so maybe others have this issue.


@cparx how you integrate form in your website ?

HTML or Java Code?

Have you try the captcha field?

Did you find a solution - we have a similar issue - we suspect that the spam email is being completed on the Mautic hosted site form rather than our website which has an up-to-know successful anti-spam feature. Other forms not posting to Mautic are not receiving spam entries so we are confident that the anti-spam is working.

Effectively we need to hide the Mautic hosted form, but still be able to post to it - any ideas/suggestions?