Associate Contact with Company - automatic?

When a contact completes a webform in Mautic, that includes a “Company” form field for the contact to share their company details, to which Mautic field should this data appropriately be stored? The contact core field “company” (as in, {contactfield=company}, also called “Primary company”)?

If yes to the contact “company” field, which is what I’ve normally done, this data is stored as a string of text. Is this supposed to auto-populate a new company? Is that a cron job?

A couple thoughts… Editing this contact manually will erase any data stored in that field, if it’s not synced with a Company in Mautic.

The process of creating a company manually, is tedious. I don’t anticipate anyone is doing this manually, at-scale. So then, what is the appropriate process for new contacts to become associated with their respective companies within Mautic?

I have the option of creating the company remotely by API, but then how to associate that with the appropriate contact?

Thanks for all insight.


Hi, you can link a company with a contact with the

POST /companies/COMPANY_ID/contact/CONTACT_ID/add call
and remove:
POST /companies/COMPANY_ID/contact/CONTACT_ID/remove

More info:

When you import, you should use the Primary company name as merge field for company name.

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This is why you make the big bucks, Joey. I somehow missed this in the docs. Thank you so much for sharing.

Lol! What big bucks? :wink:

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