How to assign multiple contacts to a company?

Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.0-beta

Your problem
I read in the documentation ( that it should be possible to select multiple contacts and batch assign them to a company.

So I select a couple of contacts, I press the green dropdown button that appears in the top left. I would expect an “Assign Company” in the dropdown but I only see other options such as Change Campaigns, Change Categories etc.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also I believe it would be awesome if I could set an e-mail domain name for a company and have all contacts auto assigned as soon as they leave their e-mail. Is it possible in current version?

Now I have also updated to 2.16.2 and I still have the same problem


I have not seen the assigned to company option, though it makes sense and there is a line on the docs that says it could be possible.

Maybe it got removed by someone fixing a bug? if or it might be a bug in which case it might be better to log it on Github.

As a workaround, you could export the contacts update the company and import them back, I know is not ideal but it would be faster than waiting for a patch.

As per your second, I agree it would be nice to auto-assign a company based on email.
Also as a workaround for this, you could have a campaign that matches the domain and assign it to a company

Interesting with the campaign. Could I have one campaign that would solve this or do I need to create a campaign for every company?

Regarding the assign company option that is missing. Anyone else who has some insight on this? Should a bug report be created maybe?

Regarding the possibility to automatically assign contacts to companies based on the e-mail address after @. Maybe this could simply be solved by adding a property to company named such as: "Automatically assign contacts with e-mail domain: " and a list here would be great.
For example:

I could probably make a pull request but would need some pointers on:

  • Where do I add a new field to Company
  • Where could I write the code to identify the company, guess this should be done in one of the cron-jobs?

Hi There,

To answer some of your questions and regarding workaround.

I would do the following:

  1. First create a segment. In the segment field you could have a filter with “email contains”.
  2. You can add fields to Company in the Custom Fields setting, add your field, choose “Company” as Object and field type etc… and you ready to go.
  3. Setup a campaign that will start with the segment you created. You could then add conditions on “contact field value” and start a positive and negative path, for example lets say you have two companies and you could set a decision contact field email contains, for the positive path you would create an action to update the contact field, and on the negative path you would add another condition as above but this time with Tesla, if positive same thing, if negative look for another company or do nothing.

The only cronjob you would need here is to update campaign and trigger campaign, I do not see the need for code in this.

Hope this helped