Auto Importing WP Registrations into Mautic

What are the options to integrate my Mautic to automatically pull contacts from my WP site’s native registration form? Ideally I would not like to change to a thirrd party form.

Have you tried the Wordpress mautic plug-in ?

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It doesnt do that job. The difference is that WP Mautic can be used to place forms inside WP BUT cannot sync WP registration database into Mautic

Hey @dannyogolo

I am unfamiliar with Wordpress (in depth) however a solution I have proposed to a number of people looking to get external data into mautic is with the custom-import plugin.

If you are able to setup a job on your Wordpress server to automatically export data at certain intervals you can ftp the file using cronjob to mautic and auto-import.

Let me know if this is good for you and if you need any other help give a shout.

Good luck.

This will be too big for a non-dev like me. I willrather wait for a plugin solution. I saw a plugin which could connect both via API but seems to have a bug that makes it unable to import Mautic Segments into Wordpress,

There’s a code if you place it on the functions file, it send a form data everytime if a new user was registered. Next you need only point the form I’d to revive this data.

This solution solve your problem?

Can you point me to the page where this is discussed so i take a look at it ?

No Danny

Sorru tô be late…

Thais os the script.

All this may be good, I am not just comfortable dealing with these codes.or scripts or whatever they are called.

I had 2 plugins

  1. Imports WordPress registrations and commenters into Mautic. It still works perfectly.
    2 Is suppose to import people that fill different forms (I used Ninja Forms because the plugin supports Ninja forms. But after a while, this plugin broke on 2 of my sites. It still works on 2 sites.
    The problem now is that it says something like a critical error.

I need something that can import contacts from Ninja Forms and send them into various segments on Mautic

Ninja forms have a native mautic integration. Update to newer version.

I suppose you mean the Mautic Add-on to Ninja Forms.
I have got that too. But it has an issue. When mapping the ninja form to mautic, the field names are same.

I have about 5 websites on different segments of my Mautic setip.
Each email field on Mautic has the field alias name “email”
So if I am setting up the ninja form, i cant use "email alias because more than 10 forms have an alias names “email”. That made me to abandon the plugin. It has no way of mapping a mautic form to a ninja form like other plugins

If im understand. May you change the html name in the mautic emails field. This is the parameters then you need to point the ninja form field.
I think so, this will works.