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Automate initial install

Is there a way to automate the initial set up of Mautic? I have a lot of sites that I am going to be setting up using docker/kubernetes and SaltStack. I would love to be able to just pass in some values or run scripts to complete the initial set up such as clicking through the database setup, setting up the admin user and email configuration? So basically a way to script/automate the instillation wizard.

Then finalizing the configuration such as adding additional users, etc.


You would probably have to script this yourself. All the settings are stored in app/config/local.php if that helps. Copy a mautic directory and change a few values in local.php would be fastest non-scripted process in my opinion.

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I have done similar by making myself a base image of the flavor I want, writing up a small script that after install will ask a few simple questions in order to configure apache2/nginx and tweak Mautic to the client for me.

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I copy my master LXC container, and run a customization script. Very clean.

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Thanks everyone! I am still trying to find the script that actually creates all the DB tables and create the security key, but this is some good information to start.