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Automatically send email every 10 minutes?

Hello people:

This should be easy, but I can’t get an email to send to myself every ten minutes.

Campaign is set as:

Sends immediately as expected, but doesn’t repeat.


Segment is only myself. But shows error. But nothing in log?


What am I doing wrong or not understanding?

I discovered that if it’s the same email, it won’t send again since the system already determines the contact had already received it.


QUESTION: how does Mautic determine a previously sent item if it’s a RSS generated campaign?

There is a difference between transactional email and marketing email. If you define your email as marketing email, it will be sent only once for every person. If you set it up as transactional email, it can repeat.

So a RSS generated campaign should marked as transactional?

Answering my own question with the hope it helps someone.

YES. To send a repeatable RSS generated email to yourself or others, it needs to be set as TRANSACTIONAL.