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Best practices for Stages

I’m testing Mautic for use at my company, and so far it’s been a very impressive experience. I am trying to wrap my head around stages, however. Specifically, I’m trying to understand the best way to use stages with multiple sales funnels.

Unless I am misunderstanding, it is possible for contacts to have only one stage at any given time. If this is true, what is the best way to track incremental progress like stages do across multiple funnels?

Hi Peter,
stages / points etc. are all good when there is only one funnel.

If you have several funnels in one mautic instance… you would probably need to work through different campaigns with your own structure. Progress people through compaigns that follow each other. Nurturing - like giving points for activity - are still centered around a contacts activity. You can’t differentiate whether the same contact is actively engaging around funnel A or B.

Then you would probably need to set up different domains / systems etc. but then you loose the complete view on one person…

A typical B2B CRM system is 3 legged: one or more people -> one company -> one or more lead(s). But Marketing Automation with Mautic is a connection: one contact - one lead.

Thanks @dirk_s, that’s very helpful. My initial instinct had been that points would be global and stages would be campaign/category based, but I see that’s not how it works. I’ll have to think about how we might accomplish multiple funnels.