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Using Mautic Campaigns to Improve Lead Conversions

Hi All,

Over the past few months we have been asked repeatedly if there is a way that Mautic can assist in the sales cycle of our clients. So we used points, page visits and campaigns to do this giving our customers an overall uplift in sales.

Instead of posting a long article here, I have outlined the process in one of our blog posts. Feel free to check it out here.


I fully agree with your approach: points are a good way to score your leads. Tracking and counting how many times someone visits your website does, however not necessarily qualify hot leads in general. Consider a more sales funnel aligned approach, where you combine points with stages (of the customer journey). This way your clients will be able to automatically move leads along the customer journey - ideally right to the purchase (also possible in the B2B space). And only in special circumstance a personal follow-up is then needed for the final push.

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Hey @alex_idea2

Thank you for your your reply to this discussion. You are 100% correct in using stages to further help with the customer journey. This particular article was only dealing with the initial phase of “qualifying” a potential lead. We indeed have gone the step further as you have suggested and created a “FollowUp” campaign that takes assists sales team on tracking the pipeline of a customer. We will be posting a blog post on the campaign and logic on this in the coming week.

Regarding a follow up I think this is based on the individual business, for example some business’s maybe to trigger an email is enough. So we could use points based on visits and then to send a contact a mailer with “Hey, it was great to see you on the site today, I noticed this is your 3rd time back and wanted to know if there is anything I can help with” (weak text but we get the idea.

We will also be blogging at the ability to use Dynamic Content to hyper-personlaize a users experience on the website.

You are absolutely right @mikew , follow-ups are very specific to the individual business. Especially in the B2B space. What I have also seen, when it comes to point-scoring, is an alternative to just simply continuously adding up points. Every time the lead enters the next stage, the points scores gets reset to 0. That way it’s possible to better qualify leads within each stage much better and you can also more specifically create campaigns to “help” the lead to the next stage. What’s your experience with this approach?

Hey @alex_idea2. This is a great idea, and TBH I have not been able to find how to reset a contacts point to zero. How are you doing this ?

Hi @mikew You can either manually change the contact’s points, or you can use the “Update contact” action within a campaign.

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Hey @alex_idea2 - that’s great !! I never thought of looking in Update Contact and setting Points to 0. That is a very very useful tip that I will now implement in many of my future campaigns!!

you are welcome!

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