Conditions based on points // Proceed stage by points

Am I missing something here: Just discussed using stages. Points would be helpful, to trigger a stage improvement: Enough actions - no matter which campaign - may advance a contact to the next stage.

However: Trigger have no stages actions. Campaign have no points conditions. So basically I can’t advance a stage for a contact based on his achieved points?

Looks like the only way is to define a segment based on points and take the segment membership as a condition for an action. Which is quite a workaround, but not straight forward.

Did I miss something?

In my opinion, there should be a trigger based on points.

I am ready to chip in $X.XX for this idea.

Developers: please replace X with the right amount to make this seemingly simple but incredibly useful feature.


Couldn’t you create a segment based on point totals and then use a campaign to trigger the activity?

I haven’t tried it, but it should work?

Nice idea for a workaround!

Should work - as segments can be build based on points. Unfortunately Campaigns have no conditions for points. So we will need a separate segment + campaign for each stage change.

(A simple trigger would still be nice and much more straight forward.)


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