Filtering out which users should be affected by a specific Points Trigger

Hi I have a question. I’d like to create a campaign where users are awarded points if they open emails and then I’ll create conditions upon how many points they have. If I understand correctly it’s Point Triggers I need to use. Here’s the problem. I have users from many different countries, and it seems like the Point Triggers can’t be specified on which segments to run. Let’s say I have a Point Trigger that moves user to a new campaign. If I can’t filter it out to only run on users from the US, people from other countries will be put in the campaign too. And they don’t speak the language even… Am I missing something here?

You can also adjust points as a step in a campaign with no point triggers.

Build a segment with Country = United States
Points Greater Than Or Equal To = however many points you think is appropriate

Use this segment in your campaign. mautic:segments:update will do the work for you

Hey @EJL

I found a solution to my problem. Apparently I had disabled Points from showing on a contact and that caused much of the pain. When enabling it I could use the Contact Filed Valuecondition and run it on number of points a certain user has. Like so: