Reset contacts lead points to zero after a period on inactivity

Can anyone help?

I would like to be able to reset a contacts lead points to 0 if they have not been active for a period of time (3months)

I can create a segment filter that will pull in contacts with no activity in the last 3 months

the question I have is:

I know I can add the contacts to a campaign and add a minus figure to the contact points but as each contact will have a different value for the lead points adding a minus figure might not put the figure back to zero and could even produce a minus figure.

Any ideas?

I think I have worked it out.

Run a campaign and instead of using the action adjust lead points I used the update contact and in there you can set the value to zero.

I am finding that if a lead has -30 points, for example, that it takes forever for the lead to reach marketing qualified (45 points) even though they have a lot of recent activity on the site. Not sure the best way to approach this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

hey @kevin_david_k - can you explain a bit more of what you are trying to do and how are you allocating points