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Better visualisation & more complete list of the events (not per month) on the Mautic site

At Mauticon I was interested in some of the mentioned activities But these are not findable on the Mauticon website.
If I as an active person with Mautic can not know about them, less involved people certsainly will not find them.
To get this information out there I propose:

  • putting all events in this calender so at least people will find them
  • a different visualisation (Not the very limiting per month viewer)
    (I am looking/scanning for the Mautic events in the next year to see which I can attend, I dont want

For me a dimple list would suffice (just show all future events in a list with Name date location & url).
My reference is


100% agree with this! It’d be great to at least be able to filter on one-time/recurring events, like Mautic Conference Europe. There’s so many recurring meetings in there that it’s hard to distinguish them if I want to see a quarterly overview for example. Really like the way Drupical is set up by the way! :rocket:

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I would love to see a more capable list, too! (In fact we just discussed that in Hasselt : )
Drupal folks: Is that a public plugin that we you use in

We do have Events for October 2021 - Mautic Community but we are not updating/maintaining it very well!