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Notes from meeting on 12th March 2020

Ok... Welcome to the next team meeting!

We're doing this one as asynchronously. If you haven’t done an asynchronous meeting before: It's really simple and self-explainig, all you need to remember is: Please respond in threads:smiley:

Also note you can start a reply with :bust_in_silhouette: to be anon, or :no_entry_sign: to go off the record and not be included in the notes, which will be exported and saved to Google Docs, and posted on the Community Forums.@channel This team meeting starts now and will be open on Slack for 24 hours, after which the notes will be exported. People may comment thereafter but these won’t be included in the notes.----Let’s get going! :arrow_down:

0️⃣ Introductions - who you are, how you’re using Mautic and

Ekke Guembel (he/him) I am Ekke, coming from the CMS side but have been in love with Mautic for quite a while.I am temp. lead of this team and also running an agency over here in Germany.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Hi folks, Ruth - Community Manager based in the UK :slightly_smiling_face: Been a long term Mautic user/contributer!
Nico Grienauer I'm Nico From Vienna, Since 2005 in the Drupal CMS Area and since 2009 Board Member from Drupal Austria. I help to spread Open Source Software and develop it further. I am Founder of a company with 10 Employees specialized in Drupal, Styleguides, Audits/analytics/metrics.also Mautic "Community Lead NR.2" they told me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slightly_smiling_face:

1️⃣ Review last meeting’s (no-Trello) notes & actions


Ekke Guembel (he/him) I like the simple tool a lot! But I think we could use a facelift of the templates (and more of them). -> Is t-marketing taking care of such things?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) That would be something for #t-marketing I think - but if we have designers in the community team who want to work with them on creating some templates that would also be good :slightly_smiling_face:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) I'll ask a colleague...In terms of formats, any additional wishes in addition to what we have? Or other hints (like freespace)?
Nico Grienauer we could also get a free PRO account… for ngo's this is possible…
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Can't hurt :disappointed: @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I suppose you are managing the account?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) No! (edited)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) pro accounts are super expensive, the NGO option gives you only 10 people
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) with the free plan we get 50 :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) and tbh the features aren’t ground-breakingly awesome
Ekke Guembel (he/him) oh ok, so that's all sorted :+1:
Nico Grienauer Also ok, but for ngos we help we got pro account, but nevermind. It‘s also ok as it is if this is enough.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) But how many users are you allowed to add on that account? I looked up the open source plan they have for communities and it restricts you to only 10 users, hence I discounted it
Ruth Cheesley (she/her)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Canva offers free Canva Pro access for up to 10 members to eligible nonprofit organizations. Eligible nonprofit organizations with proper documentation (501(c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS) qualify to get free Canva Pro access.
Nico Grienauer Ah ok. And this is not the case because not an association. Check
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Well technically we don’t meet that criteria any more - but I was just a bit concerned that you’d end up limiting the number of people who could access/use resources. Maybe we only need 10 people. Open to exploring it if there’s value in a pro account we feel we need

1️⃣ .2️⃣ Places of Discussion (Slack vs. Trello vs. Forum vs. Github)

Ekke Guembel (he/him) I suggest we keep all discussion in Slack but link to it from Trello where appropriate.Maybe even have a permanent thread for each Trello card?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Yes, I think that would work - maybe when raising a card in Trello, start a thread in Slack and link it on the Trello card?
Ekke Guembel (he/him) yep, like that
Ekke Guembel (he/him) I'll create threads for the existing cards & copy existing discussions (plus add the link)

1️⃣ .3️⃣ Motion to remove Trello integration from t-community

Ekke Guembel (he/him) For me, the Trello integration in Slack seems more annoying than anything else. Do others find it valuable? Should we move it to secondary channels (#t-community-trello", maybe?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I find it useful to know when someone has done something on Trello (or not done something - with no activity) as I don’t always see it on Trello itself. Sometimes it nudges me to remember stuff. But do also get that it might be annoying!
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Maybe we try the extra channel, just for our team, and see how it works?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) yeah for sure
Ekke Guembel (he/him) yippieh :slightly_smiling_face:

1️⃣ .4️⃣ Team meeting cycle - hours? Live meetings?

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Any thoughts today?
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Otherwise, here's my proposal: - We alternate between 11:00 and 16:00 UK time - Default mode is async. Everybody is free to request a live meeting when desired; I'll explicitly query that in every meeting reminder (which I would now send the day before)What do you think?
Ekke Guembel (he/him) ok, so we call this accepted :slightly_smiling_face:

2️⃣ Review Trello board

2️⃣ .1️⃣ Ensure all teams have an onboarding person/workflow

Ekke Guembel (he/him) From last meeting:Person - ok, but Workflow?The dev team now marks tasks as "Community contribution needed" and points volunteers to those - wouldn't that make sense for all teams?e.g. for #t-community ?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) yes potentially - we can use the handbook to make this clearer. I started to write out how to contribute for different role types
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) but also each team could have an onboarding workflow
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) See also

2️⃣.2️⃣ Guidelines for setting up Mautic events (in-person or online events)

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) this may be a useful resource to draw from to give our community meetup organisers
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I wrote up the guidelines we had in Google Docs here
Ekke Guembel (he/him) cool, but seems a bit buried (coming from the organizational view, not the user's) - imho it should at least be in the first level, if not a separate documentMaybe like this:OverviewBecome a contributor (Onboarding, but also "ways of contribution" etc - see slide deck)Host an event <--- "Meetup guidelines"Community Structure & leadershipTeams (4.1 - Team A, 4.2 - Team B, ...)PoliciesCommunity-wide ressources
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) that sounds great
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) we haven’t formally launched contribute yet so we can tweak as needed
Ekke Guembel (he/him) perfect

2️⃣ .3️⃣ Create a support pack for Mautic events (in-person or online events)

2️⃣ .4️⃣ Create a community handbook

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Now live at to -> Broken? @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) What is the state of this (Kibana)?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Dashboard is behind a username and password. The DevOps folks at Acquia are doing some security hardening on it so it might well go up and down over time
Ekke Guembel (he/him) to me Dashboard seems open, w/o password
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) it was password protected, but work is actively being done. So please just disregard/ignore it
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) when it’s ready to launch, we’ll shout about it :slightly_smiling_face:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Ah yes I just had a message from the person working on it, so that would explain the erratic password stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) :blush:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Ooh, cool. So should be ready to launch publicly now. You can’t make any changes to the dashboard layout without logging in as an admin
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) so we could write that up and share it
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Wow! I'd tend to share on slack first, though, and let it mature for a bit
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) sure, it’s been in existence since November
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) just behind a un/pw

2️⃣ .5️⃣ Organize community council & sprint event in April

Ekke Guembel (he/him) There have been a couple of discussion in other places, bottom line is: We will probably have to give up on the current plan, if nothing else because US people won't come and even in Europe few people will be motivated to attend in person these days. So better face that now and come up with a new plan. Options: a) Postpone b) Go all-virtual My feeling is that we should not loose a long and unknown amount of time, and therefore try the virtual event - but we do need to prepare that really well to make it work.
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Specific proposal: we decide to cancel the on-site immediately, but keep the "remote contribution" open we communicate this as it is: Ghent is cancelled, but keep the dates blocked because we intend to do the sprint in a smart online wayWe start by understanding the formats involved in a Mautic sprint (for the various teams) We try to figure out the best tools for the aboveWe come up with a vision for how those tools should be used, what setup and working mode the participants should have, and what rules should applyWe try all that in a dry runOnly then do we make a final decision (and update the communication accordingly)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Thoughts?
Ekke Guembel (he/him) @channel We need feedback on this one!Do we want to cancel the on-location sprint?Online replacement or no? (how?)
John Linhart Our (Czech) government just announced we cannot travel to most EU countries including Belgium. Other countries may follow. So even if I'd want to go I can't. Online is the only option. But how to do it is the question. (edited)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) @john exactly, see above
Ekke Guembel (he/him) @channel who would be willing to help preparing the online sprint, in the steps described in the proposal (or in a modified version)?
Slackbot Hey there, it sounds like you might be asking for support? We ask that you please post requests for support on - for more information on how the Mautic community uses Slack and our Forums please see this post: - thank you! :mautibot:
Dennis Ameling Dutch government is as we speak canceling events with 100+ people and recommending people to stay at home whenever possible. I could still come to BE but happy to do it online as well (edited)
Floris van Geel This is the time to start experimenting with online events, has scaled their capacity by 6x so they’re up to the challenge

2️⃣ .6️⃣ Explore options for MautiCon 2020

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Do we currently want to make any decisions here too? Or ponder things now, vs. wait a while?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I think September is far enough away for the time being to proceed as we are
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Ok, then let's proceed for now. Next steps at the sprint, or do you need anything earlier @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) ?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I don’t think so. I mean, we might want to start thinking about how we’re going to run the event (e.g. one track from 9-5, or do we need breakout rooms for anything (as I’d need to look at booking rooms out if so)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Maybe all of us can prepare for themselves a little bit - first of all to come up with a vision of what sort event this should be, in order to be successful.If nothing else, maybe some have an existing event in mind which is comparable enough to learn from...
Ekke Guembel (he/him) P.S. copied this here:

2️⃣ .7️⃣ TODO: Prepare a campaign to invite people to get involved and inform of future events

2️⃣ .8️⃣ TODO: Creating a PACSI for the community team

2️⃣ .9️⃣ TODO: Creating a PACSI for the community team

2️⃣ .1️⃣ 0️⃣ TODO: "Contribution starting points" slide deck (edited)

3️⃣ Specific Community events

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Tough times... :wink:
Ekke Guembel (he/him) Anything here?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Ipswich and Lagos meetups are coming up. Open Expo Europe I’ve submitted talks for and they are open to voting.
Ekke Guembel (he/him) No idea how things are in Lagos...any risk of cancellation, @Oluwatobi Owolabi ?
Oluwatobi Owolabi For now, Lagos is fine and only bigger events are been cancelled. We plan to host 50 so we can still go on.
Ekke Guembel (he/him) :+1:

4️⃣ Any other Business

4️⃣ .1️⃣ Suggestions for our team's topics for the sprint event

Ekke Guembel (he/him) (also for cross-team topics)
Ekke Guembel (he/him) "Mauticon plannings"Goals:Define the event well enough to come to a "go" quickly (if not during the sprint.)List timeline and next steps Describe necessary work and roles, and ideas how to staff thoseUp-Front:Maybe all of us can prepare for themselves a little bit - first of all to come up with a vision of what sort event this should be, in order to be successful.If nothing else, maybe some have an existing event in mind which is comparable enough to learn from. (edited)

5️⃣ Ensure that action items are all explicit (ideally: in Trello); review priorities

6️⃣ Date, time and mode of next team meeting

Ekke Guembel (he/him) Next Team Meeting: Thu, Mar 26, 16:00 UK ( - async unless requested otherwise


Ekke Guembel (he/him), Ruth Cheesley (she/her), Nico Grienauer, John Linhart, Slackbot, Dennis Ameling, Floris van Geel, Oluwatobi Owolabi