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Broadcast emails pending not working

Hi, I am using Mautic v2.15.0 (on Debian OS, PHP 5.6.40 - mod_php).
I tried to send a broadcast email to a segment, but it worked partially.
Most email are still in “pending” state.
I have no error in my log.
If I try to send broadcast manually (eg. from console), it seems there are no task to do.

Any help?
Thank you very much!

Hi Armitage,

Do you have the cron job for sending broadcast scheduled emails in your instance? It’s this one :

You can find the cron job listed on this link :

php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:broadcasts:send [--id=ID] [--channel=CHANNEL]

Try setting it up and see if it works.

If this problem is arising with 2.15.2:

Please see this issue on GitHub:

The PR to fix is here:

Please comment on the PR if this fixed the problem for you!