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Bulk creating unique links for mailouts

Using Mautic 2.x

This is more a question than a problem - if you make links in emails you’re sending using the right tokens you get a proper, trackable Mautic link and, if somebody clicks it, records their activity properly against their contact record. Is there a way to get a link like this for everybody in a given Segment for use in a physical mailout, like a letter? What we want is to get a list of trackable Mautic links that we can send to a mailout company, so they can use those links to generate QR codes to print on to a physical letter that gets posted.

I can’t see a way to do this, anyone know of anything?

Thanks in advance,


Why not use the campaign logic to do this? If the postcard has a call to action to visit you can track who visits that particular page as long as the mautic pixel is present and the cookie or ip match.

You can also do it with point triggers

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That’s the issue, these are cold contacts so there’s no guarantee there’s a cookie present or an IP recorded - in fact, almost certainly not… :thinking:

Generate random codes equal to the amount of contacts. Export your mautic leads. Add a custom field in Mautic that says awesome_code. Copy Paste your random codes to a column of you export and rename it awesome_code
Re-Import Leads - Should append your awesome_code to contacts.

Use dynamic content box in landing page and have the field be awesome_code.
If the code is displayed it matches a person you appended awesome_code to you, and have just identified them.

You can use contact ID.
Export your contacts. Then you can generate QR code based on a special smart link with an ID with a php script during the printing process.
The QR code can point at a link containing ID as a smart URL:
Check this page how to capture the ID:

You might have to set ID as globally updateable value in settings. Not sure.

Good luck

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Thanks guys, we’ll do some testing!